It has been 8 years

It has been 8 years of watching the sunset over the Wilderness Beach and every time, I stop for a moment, in awe and remind myself to smell the roses. Those 15 minutes just before it dips over the ridge at Vic Bay and the glare is receding, the management team confers and debates, as to when to raise the blinds.

Tonight there was a buzz of guests talking, laughter, glasses clinking and in the background, masking the instrumental music, the shrill whistle of a cicada, reminding me of the bush-veld and yes of Africa. As we raised the blinds, like being at the opera, and no prompting required, the audience goes quiet. You would hear a pin drop (if we could get the cicada to stop!) Just for a moment in time, I am the conductor of the orchestra, my hands held high, with my baton paused, a stillness descends in anticipation of the show commencing, the audience hold their breath.

No photo’s can ever capture that moment, the ambience, a few minutes in our life, to remind us all that we are alive and to appreciate where we live .

Ciao Massimo