A love story that started at Salinas

There have been many, and I mean every year. Proposals, weddings, anniversaries, it’s a given with our setting and especially at table 78, the corner on the upper deck. More men have gone down on their knees, trembling with trepidation at the public spectacle that they are about to perform, praying that she will say yes. That’s why you go down on your knees.

Well this one was original, meet Diana and Graeme. A Year ago, Graeme was driving up from Cape Town to attend a wedding in Knysna and diverted for a quick coffee and to say hi to a friend that was having lunch at Salinas. The friend was accompanied by Diana and they met for the first time and hardly said a word to each other, and Graeme was gone to his wedding. End of story!
A week later Diana arrived at George airport to catch a flight to Cape Town, that she had booked on-line, only to discover that the booking did not exist, and she had nothing to confirm it. Her friend knew that Graeme was travelling back and arranged for Diana to get a lift to Cape Town International for her flight back to Israel. A year later they were travelling through the Garden Route on honeymoon and decided they needed to stop at Salinas and have a coffee where they had met.

That is where I came in and hence the gift of a bottle of D ‘Aria Love Song to take with them. On their way out we were discussing Salina’s, the setting and how “she” was created, and the subject somehow moved to the roof we built. At this point I repeated a story that I was told 9 years previously about pyramid energy, only to receive even more info from Graeme relating to the subject, along the lines they are located on etc.

The story I shared, related to the energy created by a pyramid which must have a pitch of 56 degree’s, made of a natural substance and orientated along the magnetic axis. Well Salinas roof is made of Canadian Cedar Shingles and is perfectly orientated and just slightly out at a pitch of 54 degrees, almost a perfect pyramid. Did we inadvertently create an energy field?

Over the years, with legendary sunsets over the Wilderness Beach, I can say that I have had inspirational energetic moments. So difficult to describe how a setting sun in the perfect location can still so many voices and hold the attention of a mass of people, all for a moment in time.

Diana and Graeme, we wish you both years of love and companionship and look forward to your next visit. Shalom.


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