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#The Seafood Side

**Served with fresh veggies and handcut chips (except fish & chips / bobotie).

##Beer Battered Fish and Chips
**Fresh hake deep-fried in a crispy beer batter, served with chips and a herb allioli.

##Salinas Calamari
**Fried calamari dusted and crumbed with our special house spice mix, and served with herb allioli.

##Calamari Heads & Tubes
**Grilled baby patigonica-calamari tubes (done in either a lemon butter or cajun spices), and served with crumbed heads.

++House Favourite
##Grilled Fresh Fish
**The freshest fish we can find locally, grilled with a lemon-butter sauce and served with herb allioli (Please ask your waiter what our fish selection of the day is).

##Fish and Calamari
**Grilled fresh line-fish served with a portion of Salinas crispy fried calamari. (Please ask your waiter what our fish selection of the day is).

##Fish and Mussels
**Grilled fresh line-fish served with creamy West-Coast garlic and herb mussels (Please ask your waiter what our fish selection of the day is).

++A Cape Malay Classic
##Fish Bobotie
**A baked lightly curried hake dish with sultanas, onions and topped with a savoury egg custard. Served with fragrant lightly spiced rice.

**350g Grilled prawns coated in either a tangy lemon butter, garlic butter, or spicy peri-peri sauce.

++A Rustic West-Coast Favourite
**Flaked smoked snoek, sautéed with tomato, potato, chilli, rice & sultanas.

##Seafood Platter For 2
**Fresh hake, calamari heads & tubes, grilled prawns, & creamy mussels.


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#The Meaty Side

**All main dishes are served with fresh seasonal veggies and potato wedges.

##Aged Sirloin Steak
**Prime aged sirloin, grilled to your liking.

##Choose your sauce
**Cheese – Creamy Peri-Peri – Garlic Butter – Pepper.

++New Addition
##Grilled Pork Neck Steak
**served with a mint and mustard sauce.

##Caribbean Style Spare Ribs
**Yummy sticky pork ribs with a dipping sauce.

##Honey, Olive and Mint Chicken
**Grilled chicken breasts served in a honey, red pepper, tomato, olive and mint sauce.

##Beef Kebabs
**250g or 500g prime sirloin kebabs done in either Mediterranean lemon & herb or Mozambican spicy peri-peri.

#The Curry Side

++Authentic Indian
##Butter Chicken
**A rich and satisfying medium-hot curry with ginger, masala and fenugreek.

##South Indian Fish Curry
**An aromatic, spicy fish curry with coconut milk, lemon-grass, black mustard seeds, tomato & chilli.

++Salinas Signature Dish
##Seafood Curry
**The same as above, with prawns & mussels.

##Durban Hot Sauce Curry
**tangy hot curry, cumin & mustard seeds, tomato & tamarind || Available in beef or chicken or fish or vegetables

##Kerala Style Vegetable Curry
**Medley of vegetables, chickpeas & tomato in an aromatic coconut curry sauce (vegan).



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